The 2019 Royal Rumble is underway, with WWE Superstars Becky Lynch and Asuka battling it out for the SmackDown Women's Championship. Asuka walked into the match the champion, but did she manage to take the gold out, or did Becky recapture the belt?

Opening up the pay-per-view, the two had the opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the night, and wasted no time in ensuring the audience had no choice but to watch their every move.

Becky gained momentum early in the match, delivering a powerful Bexploder to Asuka outside of the ring, throwing the champ right into the barricades.

Asuka would eventually turn the tables however, taking some strong right hands to the face but refusing to go down and taking Becky out with a huge dropkick from the corner.

A second attempt at a dropkick saw Becky evade and then deliver what looked to be a Rock Bottom to Asuka, before picking up a two count.

Momentum would shift hands but a massive slam onto the outside of the ring left Becky trailing behind. She would eventually get the upper hand once more however, in a match that saw the two ladies sharing an incredible chemistry.

A Super Bexploder from the top rope had everybody thinking the match would be over, but Asuka managed to kick out at two and soon lock in the Asuka Lock, before turning it into a Disarm-Her. Lynch then reversed the move and put Asuka in her own Asuka Lock, before Asuka reversed for a close two count. Lynch would lock in yet another Disarm-Her before Asuka then reversed for ANOTHER close two count.

Eventually, Asuka would lock in a Bridge Reversed Chin Lock and force Becky to submit, retaining her title and getting the WWE Universe chattering about how Becky may make a splash a little later on in the night, in the Rumble match...

The Royal Rumble is available to stream now on the WWE Network.

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