Tonight (October 22), X Factor fans will get to see which of the six boys in Louis Walsh’s category will make it through to the live shows, with the judge joined by hitmaker Mika to help him make the big decision. It comes after Sharon Osbourne was joined by her children Kelly and Jack Osbourne to whittle her six girls down to three in San Francisco, and after Stormzy joined Nicole Scherzinger to do the same for the ‘Overs’ category.

Louis and Sharon have a great working relationship / Credit: ITV

Louis and Sharon have a great working relationship / Credit: ITV

In Istanbul, Louis has been chatting about the whole Judges Houses experience, saying that he thinks Mike has been “100% spot on” in his observations of the contestants, which we’ll no doubt see in tonight’s episode.

Asked if he was feeling mischievous, Louis replied: “I’ve got a good category. I don’t need to pick any gimmick acts. I’m going to pick the three best people. I’ve got a great guest judge, I love the panel this year. There are no gimmicks this year.”

He added: “If you get a really good personality act, that’s good. But there’s no point putting someone through just for the sake of it. It doesn’t work anymore, the public don’t want that.”

Louis also spoke of when he’d retire from the show, saying: “I’ll give up when she [Sharon Osbourne] does. I love it, it’s not like work. This is not like work, it’s great fun. I’m getting paid to do something I love. I’m signed for next year already, so is Sharon.”

Asked who he’d bring in if Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t return, he said: “Mel B or Mika. I love Mel, she’s a survivor. She’s looking really well. She looks fantastic with that new hair, I love her. I love Nicole a little bit more. Nicole is my favourite female judge ever, she brings so much. I adore her, I love her more than she loves me. Seriously, she’s just the best, she’s amazing. She wants to win this year.”

The X Factor continues with Judges’ Houses tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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