Jake Quickenden

Jake Quickenden

Jake Quickenden thinks audiences got the wrong end of the stick during his time on I'm A Celebrity, and his banter with Jimmy Bullard.

The two were seen teasing one another on the show but viewers suggested Jimmy was being too harsh in his comments.

X Factor reject Jake has now assured fans however that the comments were all made in jest, as the pair would often joke around with each other like they would with friends from home who they play sport with.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning Jake explained: "I really do think that [the public got the wrong end of the stick] because that's what me and Jim were like.

"We just took the mick out of each other the whole time and he's obviously grown up playing football and in the changing rooms you have to because if you don't, you get targeted, and I've been raised with football and stuff like that as well."

He insisted he wasn't being bullied by the former footballer and said the teasing wasn't one-sided at all.

"We were always singing together, and he was always complimenting, and I was saying some pretty harsh things to him and messing around as well and it was fine.

"He's not a bully at all. Obviously it just come across a bit worse than what it was."

He went on to express his disbelief at even appearing on the show in the first place.

"I was just getting my head around just getting out of 'X Factor' and then I was on a plane to Oz thinking 'what a touch I've had!' and thinking 'this is awesome' ... I couldn't believe my luck!

"I was worried that everyone would think I was someone from the crew bringing them some water or something! But Jimmy put his arm straight round me and Mel saying they loved me off the 'X Factor'... so straight away that put me at ease."

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