Liz Jones

Liz Jones

Liz Jones hopes Linda Nolan can turn opinion around and win Celebrity Big Brother this year.

The controversial journalist, who was booted out of the reality TV house on Wednesday night (22.01.14), hopes the former singer will win the competition because she's had a "terrible year", after revealing in the house she was on benefits up until two days before her Big Brother entry.

She told BANG Showbiz: "Either Jim [Davidson] or Sam [Fairs] will win. But I would quite like Linda to win. She's had a terrible year, she really has.

"I think she was brave going on the show. It wasn't easy for her. I did like Linda, she's not as grumpy as she comes across, she was kind to me as well."

Linda's husband Brian Hudson died in 2007 after being diagnosed with skin cancer, while she was battling breast cancer herself. She later lost her mother Maureen and actress sister Bernie, 52, and has tried to rebuild her life.

Liz, 55, admits it was difficult in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house and having dealt with anorexia, she struggled to eat while coping with stress.

She said: "My agent told me I'd be out in four days, he was lying. It was an ordeal for me.

"When I get stressed I stop eating so they [producers] thought they'd monitor that quite closely. I had a couple of days where I wasn't eating and I was throwing up so they made me a baked potato.

"They were quite kind to me and kept giving me coffee and stuff. All of the others were completely obsessed with food, all they talked about was food."

Liz was glad she was evicted and was surprised to see her boyfriend David Scrace waiting for her outside the house.

She explained: "I didn't think he'd be there. It was nice to see a familiar, friendly face. I think he said, 'Well done.' He was proud of me.

"I asked if it put him off me [seeing me on TV] and he said, 'no', which is good. I would think about marrying him at some stage."

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