Wayne Rooney will discuss his personal and professional life in a candid new documentary.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

The 35-year-old football star is set to open up to the BAFTA-winning team behind the documentary on Amy Winehouse and insiders have said Wayne has been forthcoming about all areas of his life, including personal difficulties.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "It’s going to be a wonderfully powerful and inspiring look at Wayne’s career — how he went from unknown boy wonder to national captain, and England’s greatest- ever goal scorer.

"But it also offers a rarely seen look at the man behind the player. He will likely be asked about marital mistakes he’s made in the past, drink driving, and the time he was arrested in the US.

“It is made clear he’s a fantastic dad, and loving husband — but he holds his hands up to previous lapses in judgement. Wayne will, of course, also have a say in what gets signed off.”

Wayne's spokesman said: "No decisions have yet been made on what content is or isn’t part of the movie, so people will just have to wait until its release.”

Netflix and Amazon Prime are both said to be bidding to stream the documentary, which will feature commentary from football stars including David Beckham and Gary Neville.

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