Vernon Kay loved working with his wife Tess Daly on 'Game of Talents'.

Tess Daly and Vernon Kay

Tess Daly and Vernon Kay

The 46-year-old presenter has reunited with Tess on screen for the first time in 14 years, and he relished the experience of recording the game show alongside his wife.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Considering it was one of the first shows we recorded, it was one of my favourites.

"Tess does throw me under the bus a couple of times and we get to find out who her big crush is, which was unexpected and caused her to blush a few times.

"We went through it together before. She played the contestants and I played myself, the host, and she was like, ‘Yeah, good stuff’. And when we finished recording, she went, ‘Brilliant, it was seamless’.

"And it was nice because other than ­working together, she’s never actually seen me at work."

Vernon and Tess last worked together on 'Just The Two Of Us' in 2007.

But the popular presenter suggested he preferred shooting 'Game of Talents' and revealed they're keen to work together again in the near future.

He said: "When we did 'Just The Two Of Us', I had the role where you’re pretty much reactive to what you’ve just seen backstage, so I didn’t really have much to say.

"It was all Tess, and she was front of house. 'Game of Talents' was really nice. And after this we thought it’d be great to do something together again. So we’ll just wait and see what happens."

Vernon also admitted that the coronavirus pandemic has influenced his return to prime-time TV, having spent recent years focusing on passion projects, like hosting coverage of Formula E racing.

Vernon - who has Phoebe, 16, and Amber, 11, with Tess - said: "It was all luck. If the ­Formula E season hadn’t been cancelled and had started in Saudi Arabia, I wouldn’t have done 'I’m A Celebrity'.

"I love doing Formula E so much, and I’ve learned an awful lot doing sport.

"It’s always good to have your quill sharpened, and there was lots to learn going back into an entertainment ­studio.

"You can get kind of stuck in a rut, you know, just stood there reading an autocue."

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