Vanessa Feltz's fiancé Ben Ofoedu finds his partner even more "sexy" now she is "happy" with her three-stone weight loss.

Vanessa Feltz in OK! Magazine

Vanessa Feltz in OK! Magazine

The 57-year-old TV star recently underwent a gastric bypass, which took four hours longer than expected, to have her gastric band removed, and Ben - who she has been engaged to for 12 years - says he finds it attractive when women are confident in themselves.

Speaking to the latest issue of OK! Magazine, Ben said: "What's sexy to me is someone who is happy in themselves, so when Vanessa is happy so am I."

Vanessa is over the moon with her weight loss and admitted it "feels too good to be true".

She said: "I've lost three stone - it feels too good to be true.

"I can't tell you how good it feels to fit into a pair of skinny jeans."

On the complications she had, Vanessa - who has two daughters Allegra, 33, and Saskia, 30, with her first husband, surgeon Dr Michael Kurer - said: "I was supposed to be in surgery for an hour but it ended up taking five!"

Ben recalled: "I was at home with Saskia [Vanessa's daughter] waiting for news and I was going out of my mind not knowing what was happening. In the end I ran to the hospital and demanded an update."

The BBC Radio 2 presenter first had surgery in 2010, but she developed gastroesophageal reflux six years later, and so she wanted to have her band removed.

Vanessa said the condition, which affects the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, made her feel like she was "drowning".

She said: "It felt like I was drowning."

Meanwhile, the couple previously revealed that they are saving up to get married after Vanessa blew all of her money on surgery - and that's still the case.

She said: "We're saving up - I spent all the money on a gastric band that didn't even work [laughs]!"

Read the full story in this week's OK! Magazine - out today.

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