Vanessa Feltz wants to revive her talk show.

Vanessa Feltz at The Bromley Boys premiere

Vanessa Feltz at The Bromley Boys premiere

The 56-year-old radio presenter is keen to bring back 'Vanessa' - which aired from 1994 to 1998 - and has issued TV bosses with a come-and-get-me plea to "get the ball rolling" and approach her with offers.

When asked if she would bring the programme back, she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "God yes, of course I would. The time is right. A renaissance for 'Vanessa'. Why not?

"Someone needs to start the talks and get the ball rolling. Set the rumour mill going that there's a bidding war for a new 'Vanessa' show.

"I want to see several fat offers on the table."

The former 'Big Breakfast' star - who also hosted 'The Vanessa Show' in 1998 - got a taste for TV again on Thursday (24.05.18) when she fulfilled a lifetime ambition by appearing as an agony aunt on 'This Morning', and she would be back "like a shot" if the brunch time show's bosses wanted her.

Speaking at the premiere of film 'The Bromley Boys' at Wembley Stadium on Thursday night, she added: "It was my life's ambition. I don't know if Holly and Phillip believed me afterwards. Because Holly said, 'Come back and do it again,' and I said, 'Do it again - I loved it!'

"I've been an agony aunt in magazines loads of times and various newspapers but it's such good fun on telly and I've always wanted to do it.

"If they ask me back I'll go like a shot."

Following the segment, which was called 'Phone Feltz', viewers took to Twitter in their droves to demand Vanessa be handed her own agony aunt show.

At one point she had viewers in stitches when she encouraged one woman to "do some heavy petting" to improve the intimacy in her marriage.

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