Tony Audenshaw has apologised to anyone he messaged on Twitter a month ago - after his account was hacked.

Tony Audenshaw

Tony Audenshaw

The 'Emmerdale' actor has revealed a "sneaky hacker" took over his account in November and slid into other people's DMs, but he is grateful to Twitter's support service for getting him back online.

He wrote: "Sorry to anyone I DM’d over a month ago, it wasn’t me, It was a sneaky hacker.  I was well and truly [fishing emoji].  It talked to me like a real person. Thanks to @TwitterSupport for getting me back online. (sic)"

Tony recently admitted he based his Dales character Bob Hope on John Travolta when he started playing the part because the 'Grease' actor is "very smiley".

Asked why he thinks Bob has enjoyed a longevity on the programme, he said: "I think on the whole, he's a happy chap - and you don't get many characters who smile a lot on TV.

"When I went into the show, I had it in the back of my mind that John Travolta is very smiley - in 'Grease', for example - and that's quite an engaging feature.

"So I thought I'd add that early on.

"And Bob's an everyman, isn't he? He doesn't let many things bother him; he gets on with stuff and has a laugh. Apart from his dalliances, he's not a bad bloke."

Tony - who has played Bob since 2000 - would love to see Ricky Tomlinson reprise his 'Brookside' role of Bobby Grant in 'Emmerdale' one day.

He said: "I don't reckon he would do it, but I'd love to see Ricky Tomlinson, who played Bobby Grant in 'Brookside', in the show.

"Maybe Bobby and Sheila could get back together after she splits up with Billy Corkhill, then they could move to Emmerdale for their retirement.

"That would be absolutely brilliant!"

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