Sir Tom Jones loves seeing his acts on 'The Voice' get the support of the public.

Sir Tom Jones

Sir Tom Jones

The 'It's Not Unusual' hitmaker is a coach on the ITV singing competition - alongside, Jennifer Hudson and Olly Murs - and he admitted there is a sense of pride when he sees his proteges progress on the show.

Appearing on ITV's 'Lorraine' on Friday (01.03.19), he said: "Well, it's always nice [to win]. The four of us are friends, and we're all in it really to do the same thing - give advice to other people. And that's what we try to do.

"But it's nice to at least get into the final, because sometimes with the voting you don't get anybody in. So when you do get somebody in the final, you're like 'I'm right, and doing the best I can and helping whoever I've got there to be the best that he or she can be'.

"And the public at home, of course, that's the most important thing! It's nice when they vote for somebody that I've coached - that's what I feel, and we all feel the same way."

Sir Tom's team is currently made up of Peter Donegan, Ayanam Udoma, Cedric Neal, Marina Simioni, Grace Latchford, Roger Samuels, Deana and Equip to Overcome.

With such a varied group, the 78-year-old singer explained that the thing that ties them all together is having something "real" and unique.

He added: "Something that's real, that's what I listen to. It's somebody that comes across that doesn't seem like they're copying.

"Especially when the songs is well known and you know the original recording of it, you don't what them to sound exactly the same of that. You need to hear somebody that does something a bit different to the song.

"It doesn't have to be a big voice, not necessarily. I do like big voices, I like people to project, but it doesn't always have to be like that. It just has to be something that sounds different."

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