With Sunday looming and The Walking Dead season 6 coming to a close in a 90-minute feature length episode, fans don't have much longer to wait for the arrival of Negan, played on the small screen by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Credit: AMC

Credit: AMC

Chatting with Access Hollywood, series producer David Alpert teased some of the things viewers should expect from the season 6 finale, titled 'Last Day on Earth'.

He said: "I am so excited to see the horrified faces on all my co-workers when I walk into the office on Monday morning, 'cause people are gonna be losing their minds. This weekend's episode is going to melt the Internet."

The producer also spoke about Morgan's portrayal of the character, commenting: "Negan is maybe the most insane villain ever created, because he's incredibly violent, but you kind of understand what he's doing; he does it for a purpose. So you have to communicate that level... A sane, charismatic level of insanity, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan nails it!"

The Walking Dead season 6 comes to a dramatic conclusion, 9pm on AMC in the US on Sunday April 3, following in the UK on FOX, 9pm on Monday April 4.

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