Sue Perkins underwent a soul-cleansing ritual with raspberry vodka.

Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins

The 51-year-old comedian took part in a 5am ritual in a hot tub with a shaman after he told her he could sense "unresolved" feelings in her soul.

Speaking on the 'Off-Menu' podcast, she recalled: "He said he was a shaman – he was called John and he was wearing a grass skirt. The hot tub came after a lot of vodka. He said, ‘I can sense you’re unresolved.’

“I was really hammered by this point, ‘Yes John, I am unresolved.’ He said, ‘There are two things I can do in this situation, but I don’t have my eagle feather with me.’ In many ways, I dodged a bullet.”

The 'Masked Singer' star went along with the ritual, revealing the shaman grabbed the nearest “sterile spirit” in the style of raspberry vodka, as the process calls for alcohol that is traditionally distilled from fermented milk.

And, to her surprise, Sue claims the cleansing had an immediate effect as she felt an "awakening" in her soul.

She said: “There was an awakening. So in many ways, he achieved the desired effect.”

However, Sue has since tried to avoid hot tubs and didn't keep in touch with her healer.

She added: “I was not unresolved anymore, I was very resolved, to never be in a foaming hot tub ever again.

“We didn’t keep in touch, he was an absolutely charming man. He’s possibly still shamanising, possibly storming the Capitol building.”

Meanwhile, Sue recently said she likes to "embrace" the supernatural by chatting with them so they don't try to frighten her or her guests away.

She said: "I am obsessed with ghosts. I think, 'Embrace them, say hello to them, say you can stay but be nice and have a little chat with them.'"

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