Sue Perkins talks to ghosts.

Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins

The 51-year-old presenter likes to "embrace" the supernatural by having a chat with them so they don't try to frighten her or her guests away.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2, she said: "I am obsessed with ghosts. I think, 'Embrace them, say hello to them, say you can stay but be nice and have a little chat with them.' "

Sue also likes to creep out guests staying in historic houses by mentioning any ghouls in the visitor book.

She continued: "I used to, when we were allowed out, if I was on occasion staying at a National Trust cottage or something, I would always write in the visitor book, 'Lovely stay, wonderful bed linen, we didn't see the much talked about ghost.' I always write that just to creep out everywhere else. Because I am horrid that way. But as long as the vibes are good, I say embrace all, both living and dead. It tends to happen nocturnally. In broad daylight you have very little to fear."

The former 'The Great British Bake Off' star has been getting up to mischief dressed as a Dragon on 'The Masked Singer' and added the fart and burps feature to her extravagant costume.

She said: “I was so chuffed with Dragon. The suit was a little uncomfortable at first, but the incredible team of costume designers worked on it so that it ended up fitting like a big, scaly glove. I added the smoke tubes as I wanted the character to burp and fart. I’m classy like that.”

Sue was the first celebrity to be unmasked during the semi-finals of 'The Masked Singer'.

However, none of the panellists - including guest panellist Matt Lucas - were able to identify her prior to her unmasking. Sue subsequently admitted to loving her time on the ITV show, admitting she felt "liberated" by the experience.

She said: "Being Dragon is liberating and brilliant - I have been able to be playful and silly and childlike, and things you can't be. I would never ever sing, I am terrified of performing in public. What would be interesting is me singing without the mask, let's see if it broke the spell for me."

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