Steps used to pull all-nighters before appearing on 'SM:TV Live'.

Ian 'H' Watkins

Ian 'H' Watkins

The 'Tragedy' pop group - made up of Ian 'H' Watkins, Lee Latchford-Evans, Lisa Scott-Lee, Claire Richards and Faye Tozer - were an entertaining force on the 1990s Saturday morning television show, and it turns out they often had a few drinks and stayed up all night before heading straight to the studio.

According to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, Ian revealed: "We lived for the Smash Hits Poll Winners party, 'SM:TV' and 'CD:UK'.

“On a Friday night we used to go out and we wouldn’t go to bed. Then we would roll into the 'SM:TV' studio in the morning and we’d be handed scripts.

“They knew that we’d had a few cheeky G&Ts the night before and they gave us the script and we did anything.”

The band - who frequently appeared on the show hosted by Cat Deeley and Ant and Dec - also made some lifelong friends during their appearances on the shows.

He added: "Many moons ago I drank [Justin Timberlake] under the table.

“We became friends and we shared the ride with so many other bands.

“B*witched, S Club, Five, All Saints and they’re still really good friends today.”

Steps previously admitted they were worried fans might think the title track of their newest album 'What The Future Holds' was "insensitive" when it was released amid the pandemic.

Faye said in September: "We actually had a big meeting, a massive discussion, asking if it was insensitive to put out a song with the title 'What The Future Holds', knowing the uncertainty of what's going on right now.

"Half of us wanted to continue with it, half of us didn't, but ultimately we decided everyone needs a bit of hope and happiness and so we decided to go ahead."