Stephanie Waring says there is "heartbreak" ahead for 'Hollyoaks' Cindy Cunningham and Luke Morgan.

Stephanie Waring

Stephanie Waring

The 42-year-old actress warned fans of her and Gary Lucy's character that a new character will bring "bad news" for Luke - who suffers from FTD Pick's disease, also known as frontotemporal dementia - and she is worried that he is trying to rush ahead with his wedding to Cindy.

She told "There is definitely heartbreak ahead. There will be someone coming in, not necessarily an old face from Luke’s past, but they bring bad news for Luke so that’s coming up. It really spins everything on its head.

"Love Luke as she does, this would be a huge and epic gesture.

"Cindy doesn’t want the big day, she just wants to be with him so when he mentions the Gretna Green thing, she takes a very sad meaning from it and the mindset he is in about his health."

Stephanie also revealed there will be some trouble when Cindy discovers Luke's mum Sue has been in contact with a prisoner, leading Luke to jump to the wrong conclusions.

She said: "She accidentally finds out that Sue has been in touch with this guy in prison, and she doesn’t really know why. I can’t quite remember the guy’s name as it might have been changed but Cindy believes that knowing this will set Luke back in a big way.

"Luke starts to think he’s got a brother who Sue was contacting in prison when he finds out – I am not sure how he jumps to that conclusion but yeah, it’s Hollyoaks!

"He’s pretty much on one – it’s almost like bipolar in a way, with the impulses and erratic behaviour that can be shown."