Stephanie Waring is looking forward to coronavirus restrictions lifting - so she can "start snogging" Gary Lucy on 'Hollyoaks' again.

Stephanie Waring

Stephanie Waring

The 42-year-old star enjoys the chemistry between her and Gary's alter-egos, Cindy Cunningham and Luke Morgan, but admitted it is "a shame" the pair's characters haven't been able to kiss, hold hands or embrace for months due to social distancing restrictions.

She said: "They got it right with Cindy and Luke, the chemistry between them is so real, because I've known Gary for 20 years.

"It's a shame - Gary and I agreed that Cindy and Luke would always kiss, hold hands or hug, and we can't do that anymore.

"I hope we can start snogging again soon."

Stephanie would love for Cindy and Luke to marry one day, but she wants to wait for restrictions to lift so the nuptials can be a "grand affair".

The actress added to Inside Soap magazine: "I would love a wedding - however, not while we're filming the way we are.

"The wedding would need to be a grand affair - it would be Cindy's sixth time, so she wouldn't need a rehearsal."

In September 2019, Steph admitted it was "very clever" of the 'Hollyoaks' writers to put Cindy and Luke together.

She said at the time: "I really like the banter between the two of them. I think the scriptwriters have been very clever putting Cindy and Luke together - they could be the next big 'Hollyoaks' power couple.

"I think they make a great couple! They're both very well-suited - they've both got loads of baggage and problems!

"Essentially, they just get on."

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