Stephanie Waring says the 'Hollyoaks' cast were in a "stunt bubble" all summer.

Stephanie Waring

Stephanie Waring

The soap star's alter ego Cindy Cunningham is at the heart of this year's dramatic week with the building site of her 'Grand Bizarre' covered market turning into a disaster zone, with Breda McQueen (Moya Brady) and Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) already amongst those in danger after the serial killer hit a crane which has collapsed and smashed into both the florist and city wall.

Opening up on filming, Stephanie told "We were in our own little stunt bubble as we didn't really work on anything else for the whole summer.

"One of the biggest challenges we had was the weather. We had a lot of rain! The stunts are such a big undertaking and it takes a lot longer to shoot than a regular episode, but it's all broken down into individual sequences.

"The crane swinging in the air took about half a day to film and it's only on screen for minutes. When you read the script you wonder how they're going to do it, so it's interesting to see it unfold."

However, the 41-year-old actress was keen to point out that the huge stunt is filming in a "clever" and controlled way to ensure the cast and crew aren't at risk of being seriously harmed.

She added: "It's not as dangerous as it looks as it's all special effects and clever filming - the magic of 'Hollyoaks' keeps us safe!"

Meanwhile, Stephanie was glad to have her character at the heart of the soap's biggest week of the year.

She said: "The last time I was this heavily involved in stunt week was the bus crash at Cindy's wedding back in 2012.

"That was very intense. Actually we used the same director, Paul Riordan, for this week so I knew we were in good hands."