Sir David Attenborough is to front a new wildlife show.

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough

The 91-year-old legendary broadcaster has been asked to present a forthcoming five-part series called 'Dynasty', which will air later this year on BBC, following the success of 'Planet Earth II' and 'Blue Planet II' in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Executive producer Mike Gunton said: "After making Planet Earth II it's very exciting to now have the chance to show another, and I think even more intense and gripping, perspective on the lives of our planets most impressive, yet vulnerable creatures."

The series has taken four years to shoot and will show what animals - including lions, hunting dogs, chimpanzees, tigers and emperor penguins - must do to create and maintain a dynasty, and leave the most important legacy in nature.

BBC director of content Charlotte Moore explained: "The wonderful David Attenborough will inspire audiences once again when he brings the natural world to life on BBC One with 'Dynasty'. Four years in the making, capturing extraordinary family dynamics and behaviour, I hope these intimate animal dramas will connect with audiences just as 'Blue Planet II' and 'Planet Earth II' did."

'Dynasty' - which is currently a working title - will hit screens later this year on BBC One.

Meanwhile, 'Blue Planet' boss James Honeyborne thinks there's "potential" for a third series because he believes there's "so much more to explore" in the underwater world.

He said recently: "We are working with our co-producers at BBC America on potential exhibitions. It's something we'd love to do.

"We have only scratched the surface with 'Blue Planet II'. We are only just coming to terms with the immense popularity of the series. It's wonderful for us to know oceanography and marine biology can attract that sort of audience. There is so much more to explore. There's always potential for 'Blue Planet III'."