Sir David Attenborough lives with his daughter because he can't cook for himself.

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough

The 92-year-old naturalist doesn't think he would've been able to get through the tragic passing of his wife Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel in 1997 if his daughter Susan hadn't moved in to make sure he was eating properly and keeping up with the duties around the house because he's not very "domesticated."

Speaking to the Express newspaper, he said: "Losing your wife is a traumatic and devastating experience. It changed my life profoundly of course. On the other hand my son and daughter were grown up and established in their various careers. I am not very domesticated. I am no sort of cook. My daughter, who's head of a primary school, soon came to sort me out in terms of cooking in one form or another. She now runs the house. That is a blessing and a godsend for which I am profoundly grateful. I am very very lucky."

And the 'Blue Planet' presenter is no doubt pleased to spend as much time with his daughter as possible as he previously admitted that he deeply regrets missing out on his children's lives while he was away working for three months at a time.

David - who also has son Robert - said: "I was away for three months at a time.

"If you have a child of six or eight and you miss three months of his or her life, it's irreplaceable; you miss something."

Meanwhile, although he's in the ninth decade of his life, David has no plans to retire any time soon - even though he thinks about death on a "daily basis."

He said recently: "Not in a morbid kind of way but I suppose in an observational kind of way. I have no intention of retiring, as long as I can do the job and anybody wants me to. Who wouldn't go on? It is a joy and a huge privilege."