Shaun Wallace has been the victim of racial profiling.

Shaun Wallace

Shaun Wallace

The 60-year-old barrister has hit out at the "reprehensible" stop and search of British athlete Bianca Williams over the weekend, and has discussed his own experiences of racial prejudice.

Appearing on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain', Shaun - who appears as a quizzer on 'The Chase' - shared: "I've been the victim of racial profiling.

"One time I was coming out of Kingston Crown Court with a solicitor who was white. I saw these two plain clothes officers rush up to me. They told me that I fitted the description of a person who took part in a robbery.

"They asked me where I was coming from, I said Kingston Crown Court, they presumed I was a defendant and I had to prove where I had come from by opening my bag to show them my wig and gown. I didn't get an apology then."

The TV star also revealed he was stopped on a separate occasion close to Liverpool Crown Court.

Shaun once again had to show his wig and gown to prove he wasn't doing anything wrong.

He made the comments shortly after Bianca and her husband Ricardo dos Santos were pulled from their Mercedes-Benz car and were put in handcuffs.

Reflecting on the incident - which ultimately led to Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick apologising to the duo - Shaun added: "Yes the police have a job to do and I fully accept that, by the same token it was quite clear in a situation like that they were racially profiled, by virtue of the fact that a black man cannot drive a posh car in a certain area.

"I think it's a clear case of conscious bias, in the way sometimes police officers react and act towards young black people in particular.

"I do accept that police officers do have a difficult job to do, but as I say we've got to eradicate this conscious bias which clearly is coursing throughout the whole of the police force."