Shaughna Phillips' family have hit back at Lauren Goodger for calling her a "bully".

Shaughna Phillips

Shaughna Phillips

The reality TV star blasted the 'Love Island' beauty as she took Callum Jones' side after he grew close to Casa Amor arrival Molly Smith, but Shaughna's family have leapt to her defence.

They wrote on her Instagram Story: "Bullying, not a word that should be used lightly, especially by someone who has been trolled so much herself!

"Not nice to see her putting the other OG girls down in her stories too. Wish you the best of luck tho Lauren. (sic)"

Their response came after the 'TOWIE' star claimed Callum "felt so trapped" by Shaughna.

On her own Instagram Story, she wrote: "Everyone will say Oh Callum what a CUnextTuesday Not see that he felt so trapped by her and she too much bulling him into this 2 week relationship !

"She is now saying I always find the wrong ones! No you found a really nice guy actually you just act all wrong.

"So it's her fault and not his!! I really really really want him get with Molly so he happier I think he my fave (sic)"

Callum locked lips with Molly in Casa Amor after they bonded over both being from Manchester.

Discussing his feelings for Molly, he said: "Every time I look at her there's a sexual attraction it's massive. You can't help how you feel.

"I look at her and think I want to rip her clothes off."

Finn Tapp asked him if he feels the same about Shaughna, to which he replied: "I'll be honest, no I don't."

While he's yet to ask Molly to go back to the villa with him, the pair have already shared two passionate smooches and have slept in the same bed.

However, he's already convinced Shaughna will go "f***ing mental" when she finds out that he's found someone else in Casa Amor and thinks everyone will hate him.

Shaughna has said she could quit the show if Callum returns with someone else.

She said: "I just don't know what I would do if he comes back with a girl, I would not be able to live in this villa. I really did not think I'd be missing him this much."

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