Scarlett Moffatt believes the government are using robotic pigeons to spy on people.

Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett Moffatt

The 30-year-old star believes her conversations are being recorded by cameras camouflaged as pigeons and she believes they got the idea from carrier pigeons that were used to send messages during World War Two..

Speaking on her podcast 'Scarlett Moffatt Wants to Believe', she said: "I'm not saying all pigeons, I don't think they eradicated all of them. If you think about World War Two, they had carrier pigeons to carry messages back and forth.

"It isn't that far-fetched, I just think they're very incognito, they're everywhere, in all major cities... you'd never suspect a pigeon."

However, the 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' winner did spot a flaw in the government's plans as she noted she has nothing interesting to say.

She added: "We talk utter sh**e. There would be no reason for us to be bugged."

Scarlett also suggested to fellow jungle winner Joe Swash that the government are using technology to listen to their conversations at home, and refuses to use a smart speaker her grandmother bought her for Christmas.

She explained: "For Christmas, off my nanny, I got one of those smart speakers I'm going to have to re-gift it to someone because I daren't plug it in the house because I just think they must be listening all the time. The walls literally have ears.

"I've been doing research. Even if you turn your location off. They still know it's coming from the closest point. So they know what area you're in anyway."

Joe agreed and believes they use the excuse of monitoring activity to recommend products to really listen in.

Joe added: "They weren't listening to see what products [we're interested in], they're listening to our conversations.

"They're tricking us into buying this technology that's making our lives easier, but with the sub-premise of gathering information on us."

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