Coronation Street's Sally Ann Matthews was "terrified" when she discovered she would be the new Rovers Return landlady - because she cannot pull pints.

Sally Ann Matthews

Sally Ann Matthews

The 47-year-old actress' alter-ego Jenny Bradley will take over the establishment when her husband Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) purchases the pub in the coming weeks, but the star has had to be put through an intensive training course to learn how best to serve the Weatherfield regulars with their beverages.

She said: "I was terrified! I'm completely inept - trying to pull a pint the other day, I got more beer on my hand than in the glass!

"I am getting better but would be rubbish working in a real pub."

Jenny is delighted about buying the boozer but the couple's purchase leaves Gemma Winter (Dolly Rose Campbell) devastated as her boyfriend Henry Newton (George Banks) was supposed to take over the pub.

However, Jenny will offer Gemma a job as a barmaid to make up for the disappointment, and Sally is looking forward to "chaos" ensuing between the pair's characters.

She said: "Jenny offers Gemma a job, thinking this will make it all better which Gemma is not too happy about. But I am looking forward to working with Dolly-Rose Campbell, who plays her, behind the bar because it will just be chaotic and fun."

Sally has set her sights on emulating Jenny's former boss and legendary Rovers landlady Bet Lynch (Julie Goodyear).

She added to Soaplife magazine: "It's got to be Bet Lynch. I joined the show in 1985 and Bet was the landlady.

"Then in the early 90s Jenny worked in the pub and Bet was her boss. I also loved Bet's relationship with husband Alec Gilroy."

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