Sally Ann Matthews admits it was a "big shock" when she found out her 'Coronation Street' character would be the new Rovers Return landlady.

Sally Ann Matthews

Sally Ann Matthews

The 47-year-old actress' character Jenny Connor has previous bar experience but she "never expected" her alter-ego to run the famous boozer, and was taken aback when former series producer Kate Oates broke the news to her.

She said: "Of course she's been a barmaid but I never expected her to be a landlady. That was a big shock.

"When Kate Oates, our former boss, told me I literally went, 'Ooohh, OK.'

"I'm not terrified!"

Jenny had to ditch plans to spend the rest of her days in Spain with her husband Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) after his son Aidan Connor (Shayne Ward) tragically took his own life, and while she is not keen on taking over the "poxy backstreet boozer" at first, she wants to make her hubby happy.

She said: "Jenny is not up for this at first. Firstly, she was supposed to be queen of the factory, secondly she was supposed to be swanning it up in Spain with the villa, the swimming pool and the beach-pine table, but suddenly she is going to be working in a poxy backstreet boozer.

"It's not what she had in mind for herself.

"But she recognises that Johnny needs this to take his mind off Aidan and her heart belongs to Johnny Connor, so she will do whatever makes him happy."

However, Jenny has big plans for the pub, which could see the iconic fictional boozer change forever, and Sally has hinted she may well get her way.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain', she added: "Jenny loves a mood board, she wants it to be upmarket and fancy schmancy and she might just get her way."