Russell Brand's guest appearance in 'Neighbours' has been teased in a new trailer.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

The 45-year-old comedy star makes a cameo appearance in the Australian soap alongside Jarrod 'Toadie' Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney), having shot his scenes in the midst of his book tour while Down Under.

During his scene with the comedian, Toadie says: "You're Russell Brand! What are you doing here?"

In response, Russell says: "Touring the world, spreading the message - life, love, limitless. I'm a writer and I enjoy festivities ... synchronicity."

And then, Toadie replies: "Touring the world, spreading the message - life, love, limitless. I'm a writer and I enjoy festivities!"

The clip has been posted on the official 'Neighbours' Instagram page.

It's been captioned: "Sometimes you stop by Harold's for a coffee, other times you meet Russell Brand! Don't miss this epic cameo, tonight 6:30pm on @10peachau #Neighbours @russellbrand (sic)"

Jason Herbison, the executive producer of 'Neighbours', revealed earlier this year that the show's bosses had invited Russell to the set after discovering he was a huge fan of the soap.

Speaking back in March, he explained: "As it turned out, we were filming an upcoming storyline that gave an organic reason for him to pass through Ramsay Street and we're not just about his comedic talent - his literary genius plays a huge part."

The episode is set to air in the UK on July 6.

Similarly, pop star Jess Glynne previously filmed a cameo in 'Neighbours', admitting at the time that it was one of her big ambitions.

She said: "My family are so, so excited I'm doing it, it's a huge moment for them.

"It's one of those things that I just couldn't ever imagine doing so I have really had a bucket list moment and to be able to sing on the show is amazing. It was also great to meet the cast."