Robson Green and Jerome Flynn turned down a £1 million offer to resurrect their pop career.

Robson Green

Robson Green

After co-starring in TV series 'Soldier Soldier', Simon Cowell signed the pair to a record deal in the 1990s and they sold seven million albums before retiring from the music business.

However, after the pair reunited for Robson's ITV series 'Tales From The Coast', in January, they were offered a huge new record deal but neither of them were keen to take up music again.

Robson told the Daily Star: "Because of that meeting on TV we had non-stop phone calls from record companies, and I'm talking serious amounts of money, for a reunion.

"But we said: 'No.' It's a phase we went through. The highlight of our music was when we stopped."

Meanwhile, Robson is looking forward to the return of his TV series 'Grantchester' and promised fans that it will be racier than ever.

He said: "It's very risqué this year. Very salacious. I was shocked by some of the scenes.

"As you're doing the scenes you're going: 'Is this really Grantchester? Really?'

"But those moments are justified to get the end result."