Ricky Wilson watches 'Love Island' because it helps him to feel sleepy.

Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman has been tuning into the ITV2 dating show because he finds it quite "soporific" - inducing drowsiness or sleep - and he finds the conversations "more intelligent" than listening to some British politicians nowadays.

Quizzed what he thinks of the "political situation" in Britain, he said: "I'm watching 'Love Island' instead.

"Less complicated, and more intelligent.

"I find it quite soporific before I go to bed. It puts me into this stupor.

"I like it."

The 41-year-old star also admitted hearing some of conversations between the Islanders "makes [him] feel quite good about" his brain, but he doesn't feel so good about his body when he watches the show's toned contestants.

When asked on 'Good Morning Britain' if he finds the Islanders "breathtakingly stupid", he added: "Oh yeah, it makes me feel quite good about myself.

"I'm equally feeling bad about my body and good about my brain."

This comes after fellow musician Liam Gallagher recently admitted when he wakes up and realises he didn't watch 'Love Island' the night before it gives him the same delighted feeling he used to get after a night "not doing drugs".

The 46-year-old star "got into" the programme last year, but he has managed to refrain from tuning into this year's goings-on in the villa.

Liam said: "I actually liked it ['Love Island'] last year. I got into it.

"I sort of fell into it last year. But I haven't watched a bit this year, which is good.

"It's like not doing drugs. It's like, you wake up in the morning going like that, 'Did I watch 'Love Island'? No, I didn't. Yes!' "