Richard Hawley says his 'Coronation Street' character Johnny Connor is a "hero" for taking the blame for Liz McDonald's hit and run.

Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley

Johnny's scorned wife Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), who recently found out about the pair's affair, mows Liz down while drink-driving but Johnny confesses in order to protect Jenny.

Richard told Digital Spy: "Because he's a hero, I think! He's got to - that's how he feels, because Jenny doesn't stand a chance since there's a lot of drink issues with her. I just think Johnny is honourable, actually. I'm trying a little bit to think if I'd do the same and I would. He's protective of Jenny.

"It's a no-brainer for Johnny to step up and take the blame. The consequences for Jenny, because she was drink-driving, would be worse. I know it's perverting the course of justice, but for him, it's about love and protection of the people closest to him. Jenny didn't do it deliberately.

"Taking the blame is a split second decision. It's not thought through. But I can't imagine him letting Jenny take the rap in the condition she's in. He's being honourable."

Richard also admitted Johnny's decision could put the Rovers Return pub at risk.

He said: "It absolutely puts the pub at risk. There's a lot going on here, so Johnny and Jenny could both be taken out of the frame. Johnny has got some good strong women who could run that pub though. No, the Connors will pull a pint for me."

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