Richard Hammond was once dragged face-first through dog poo.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

The 50-year-old TV presenter has revealed that the surreal incident occurred back in 2007, when he was covered in husky faeces while filming 'Top Gear's polar special.

Recalling his experience of using a dog sled, Richard explained: "I fell off the back of it. I was practising and basically I fell of the back.

"I thought, 'Well I'll die out here on the ice, so I must so something,' and the end of one of the long whips was trailing behind the sledge. So I caught the end of it and looped it around my wrist.

"I thought, 'Well this is uncomfortable but as least I'm still with the sledge being pulled behind it on my face.' And then I realised yes, I was pulled through a bunch of dog poo."

Meanwhile, James May - Richard's co-host on 'The Grand Tour' - recently claimed he loved spending "three glorious months" away from Jeremy Clarkson and Richard during the coronavirus lockdown.

The presenter is currently feeling fit and healthy having spent time apart from his 'Grand Tour' co-hosts.

Speaking earlier this month, James shared: "It's by far the longest we've gone without seeing each other.

"Three glorious months - it was just amazing. I think that's why I'm so fit and healthy at the moment, not having the stress of having to deal with them.

"We had a socially distanced meeting last month with face masks, planning possible future trips. We had to have a quick half-hour in person because it was getting quite difficult on Zoom. We're all getting tired of Zoom.

"It was quite shocking having to look at them in person after all that time."