Richard Hammond has slammed those who joke about baldness.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

The ‘Grand Tour’ star has fumed at people who make comments about people having a “midlife crisis” especially when it comes to losing hair, because he thinks it’s a “terrifying” part of life that shouldn’t be joked about.

Speaking on ‘The Andy Jaye Podcast’, Richard said: “Why do we joke about it? It’s not fair. You don’t go laughing at teenagers’ and old-age pensioners’ problems, but we do about people having a midlife crisis, especially men. That’s unreasonable, because it’s terrifying.”

Richard’s anger over mid-life crisis jokes comes after he recently revealed he was once forced to sell his beloved motorbike when he couldn't afford to buy food.

The 51-year-old television star host - who is now estimated to be worth around £15 million - had his credit card declined during a visit to convenience store chain Kwik Save because he had maxed it out, so he had to offload his prize and joy motorcycle and then had to walk nine miles home after selling his mode of transport.

He said: "I was always in debt for some stupid motorcycle I'd bought on a loan.

"I was generally living in little downstairs front room bed-sits in houses in Carlisle, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Cleveland, Middlesbrough. Totally flat, stony broke. I was beyond broke.

"The day arrived when I went to Kwik Save - which was a supermarket in Clitheroe, where I was living at the time - to buy my food for the week.

"My credit card was refused because it was full, and I thought, 'Well, that's that. That's literally it, there is nothing more.'

"The only option I had was to go to my motorcycle, which I kept in a little shed behind a pub opposite - I'd managed to blag that.

"I opened the door and rode the bike to Accrington, and rode round all the dealers and sold it to the one that gave me the most money for it, and then walked home to Clitheroe with the cash to live off."

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