Rebekah Vardy is in "so much pain" from a swollen stomach after she scoffed "everything in sight" upon leaving the 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' jungle.

Rebekah Vardy

Rebekah Vardy

The 35-year-old WAG - the wife of footballer Jamie Vardy - left the camp 14lbs lighter than before she went in two weeks ago and was given strict instructions by the show's medic Bob McCarron to stick to small portions upon her departure - but she ignored his advice and is now suffering with a bloated belly and crippling cramps.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday (07.12.17), the brunette star uploaded a short video of her bulging belly and accompanied it with the caption: "I lost a stone in the jungle & then came out and ate everything in sight. So now I'm in so much pain because I'm ridiculously bloated Bob knows best, I should have stuck to his advice! (sic)."

Rebekah - who has four children; Finley, who is 10 months old, and Sofia, two, with Jamie, and Megan, 12, and son Taylor, seven, from two previous relationships -

recently admitted that she missed her husband while she was away but sex wasn't really on her mind because all she kept thinking about was yummy grub.

She said recently: "I missed cuddles with Jamie but I didn't think about sex once. No one had thought about it in camp. It's weird but the hunger takes over.

"I lost a stone. This is the weight I was before I had any kids. Jamie loves me whatever I look like, but I'm too skinny now. New boobs are on my Christmas list.

"I got them done eight years ago and I want to get them done again because I've breast-fed two babies since then."

While she was on the show, Rebekah was put up for numerous tasks - including an eating challenge - and is furious that her husband has racked up a huge phone bill voting for her.

She said: "I knew they'd vote for me to do trials. Jamie said he'd make sure it happens. I'm furious as he's warned me about the phone bill from all his voting."

But she was ruled out of several challenges on "medical grounds" and, although she was accused of being a diva, it wad down to the fact she has a dangerous allergy to shellfish.

She explained: "I wasn't being a diva. I'm allergic to shellfish, I get really bad reactions, so to be on the safe side I had to opt out of fish trials."