Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson drank themselves "into oblivion" on a night out to end their 10-year feud - but the pair still had a "tense" time on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'.

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

The 'Good Morning Britain' presenter admitted he and the quiz show's presenter "didn't kiss and make up" exactly, but they "declared peace" on a boozy evening out at Piers' local pub before he took part in the programme.

He said: "It was as tense as you would imagine with Mr. Clarkson and I.

"We didn't kiss and make up, we sort of bear hugged.

"We had a big night out at my local pub, where we sort of drank ourselves into oblivion and declared peace after a 10-year feud."

Piers has previously claimed Jeremy once hit him in the head three times and broke his finger, and the TV presenter has told viewers they can expect to see the offending digit during his 'Millionaire' episode.

He said: "It was a fascinating encounter. It's fair to say the banter is off the charts, as you could imagine.

"I think at one stage he actually shows viewers his gnarled finger, which he broke hitting my head. That's how hard that head is."

While Piers didn't reveal how much he won on the show, he admitted it was "good fun" and he was pleased to raise some cash for a great cause.  

Speaking on 'GMB', he added: "But it was good fun and I was raising money for Scotty's Little Soldiers, which is a wonderful charity which takes care of young kids who very sadly lose a parent as they are serving our country.

"I did my best is all I can say. That's all you can do."