Phillip Schofield was treated to a British Airways 1st class meal as a birthday treat.

Phillip Schofield (c) Instagram

Phillip Schofield (c) Instagram

The veteran TV star - who celebrated his 59th birthday on Thursday (01.04.21) - was surprised by his 'This Morning' co-host Holly Willoughby, who informed Phil that while he can't currently fly anywhere due to coronavirus restrictions, the ITV team had organised for him to enjoy one of his favourite elements of travel on his birthday.

Holly explained: "We heard that British Airways are going to be getting in on the home meal service and now, you can actually get the 1st class cabin service wherever you go. So, we thought, who is it that we know that absolutely loves 1st class?"

Then, Holly invited Phil to take a seat in the studio's imaginary plane and prepare for his British Airways-made meal.

At that point, the show's production assistant started serving a "lovely meal" to Phillip.

The presenter - who enjoyed some slow-cooked British beef, as well as a tasty pudding - asked his co-host: "You can get all of this at home?"

In response, Holly explained: "You can get all of this at home. So you order this, it comes in a little box ... it's inspired by exactly what you get in a cabin - it's very similar to what you get in a cabin."

The blonde beauty later added: "It's for two people and its cost begins at around £80. So you can do this at home!"

Phillip was also given a tasty-looking birthday cake that Holly's three children had baked for him.

The presenter - who has Harry, 11, Belle, nine, and Chester, six - posted a photograph of Phillip and the birthday cake on her Instagram.

She captioned the sweet snap: "Happy birthday to this gorgeous human... love you to bits @schofe forever my partner in laughter.... [heart emoji] (sic)"