Peter Davison is returning to 'Doctor Who' for two lockdown audio series.

Peter Davison

Peter Davison

Big Finish has announced details for 'Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks', which sees the Fifth Doctor caught up in the Time War battling his old enemies in adventures recorded and produced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Each part of the upcoming series will be made up of four one-episode adventure, while each of the stories was worked on remotely with a small "rep company" of actors, which included Dervla Kirwan, Jamie Parker, Anji Mohindra and Nicholas Briggs.

Producer David Richardson commented: "Necessity really is the mother of invention.

"In the very early days of lockdown, we knew we would have to adapt some of our plans for the Monthly Adventures range.

"What we needed were two releases that could be achieved with one Doctor and four guest cast members, recording remotely in a block.

"When you have a brief like that, it's not at all restricting - it forces you to do something different, something bold, something fun."

David revealed the team had "a lot of fun" bringing the new stories together and "pushing in different directions.

He added: "Peter Davison really enjoyed it - we had a fantastic and esteemed guest cast, and by the end of recording it was almost like we were at the studio together, sipping coffee in the green room and chatting like old friends."

'Shadow of the Daleks: Part 1' - comprised of 'Aimed at the Body','Lightspeed', 'The Bookshop at the End of the World', and 'Interlude' is set to be released in October.

Meanwhile, the second part - which includes 'The Echo Chamber', 'Towards Zero', 'Castle Hydra', and 'Effect and Cause' - will follow in November.