Paul Danan was in a car crash on his way to meet Melanie Sykes for a date.

Paul Danan

Paul Danan

The 41-year-old star was just 18 when he landed a dinner date with the model, but he was so nervous about their plans that he smashed into the back of another motor because he couldn't break in time at a roundabout.

Speaking on 'The Morning After with Paul Danan' podcast, he said: "The guy in front had to go off in an ambulance and all I'm thinking was, 'I've got to go. I've got a date with Melanie Sykes.'

"I called my dad. He came and took care of the car. I jumped in a cab, got to hers and she was like, 'Why are you so late?' I said, 'I've just had a car accident.' "

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star - who once proposed to Cameron Diaz when she was in a relationship with Jared Leto - was disappointed with how the situation unfolded back in 1996.

He said: "That night I was in shock from the car accident, and it came out a bit later. I couldn't even go to work the next day, I was really ill.

"It was a shame because that date could have been much better. We were on and off for a couple of months. She ended up getting together with an actor guy (Daniel Caltagirone) and married him."

Paul has had his share of famous flings and mishaps, including dating Katie Price and Kelly Brook, and telling Madonna she "still looks so fit", which made the Queen of Pop "sound old".

However, another particular disaster saw him on a date with Emma Bunton as her guest at a Versace party, but she was more interested in hanging out with Ryan Giggs' ex Dani Behr.

He claimed: "She introduced me to David and Victoria Beckham when we got there but Victoria was so rude. I stuck out my hand and she wouldn't even shake it, she just looked at me.

"David was so nice, he was chatting to me for about 20 minutes but I couldn't understand how he'd let his wife be so blatantly rude to someone, especially someone who was with her fellow band member.

"But the worst thing about that date was when Emma said to me, 'We have to leave separately and we'll meet you down the end of the road.'

"I said, 'What do you mean 'we'? She said, 'Dani Behr is coming with me'. So I'm thinking, 'Am I ever going to get the chance to go back to yours and have a bit of fun?' "

It wasn't to be, with Paul having to race with paparazzi to catch up to the car, before Emma decided to kick him out.

He claims she told him: "If you don't mind, we'll just go into that petrol station there."