Olly Murs wants to work with both of his finalists when 'The Voice UK' finishes.

Olly Murs

Olly Murs

The 34-year-old pop star has mentored Molly Hocking and Jimmy Balito to the final of the ITV talent show and whether one his acts wins or they both lose out to one of the other two hopefuls on Saturday night (06.04.19), Olly is ready to record a track with them.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz ahead of the final, he said: "What they decide to do after the show is up to them and their path but I'm always going to be there for them like I was with the other contestants last year. So if they ever want to work together, write a song, I'm always here."

The 'Troublemaker' hitmaker insists having the pair in his team had been the best bit about working on the programme this year.

When asked what the "highlight" of filming 'The Voice' 2019 had been, Olly said: "There have been so many, I think it has got to be getting Molly and Jimmy in my team. When I got Jimmy and I knew I had Molly, I just knew and did honestly have a feeling that I would have two in the final. I said to these two at the knock outs and at the semis, 'I just feel you two are going to get to the final together.'"

For the first time ever in the history of the show, there will be only two coaches battling it out in the final.

And Olly is "delighted" that it is him and Tom, who has guided Bethzienna Williams and Deana Walmsley all the way, who are battling it out to be this year's winning coach.

The former 'X Factor' contestant said: "It's the first time in 'The Voice' history that there are only two coaches in the final, so I'm delighted I'm a part of that, but I think we deserve it. I feel like we have four fantastic contestants that raise the bar every week and deserve to be in the final. Listen, the other contestants were great but the ones who are in the final are the ones who stepped it up just a little bit more."

Olly admits that he and Tom - who are joined on the panel by Will.i.am and Jennifer Hudson - are "buzzing" about the final and can't wait for it to happen and to get to sing with their acts on the live show.

He said: "We have been (competitive) yeah, but I think we are both just buzzing and I think it's the first time Tom has ever had two acts in the final as well so I think we both really excited about it.

"We've had such a laugh this year in the chairs together and there is such banter between us, we are just continuing that on in to the final. We have a chance to sing with our contestants in the final which is the bit I love as well, one of the reasons I love doing the show as I get a chance to do that."

The winner will be crowned on Saturday (06.04.19) on the final which airs from 8:40pm on ITV.