Olly Murs thinks this year's Soccer Aid is likely to be his last.

Olly Murs

Olly Murs

The 36-year-old pop star is a veteran of the annual fundraiser, but Olly admits he might only play one more time after undergoing knee surgery in 2019.

Olly explained: "I’ll do it one more time. My surgeon and doctor said I shouldn’t but I think one more time would be nice.

"I’m in fantastic shape. This is the best version of me and I’m really happy to see what I can do next."

The 'Dance with Me Tonight' hitmaker has been living with his girlfriend Amelia Tank amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And even though she's a fitness fanatic, he still loves to snack on some unhealthy treats.

He said on an Instagram Live: "I have this issue that Amelia will open a bag of Maltesers Buttons. She’ll only have like three or four but then I’ll finish the pack.

"I haven’t got the discipline. I can’t put it to the side. Once I’ve opened it I have to finish them.

"Being at home, the fridge has become a best friend to all of us when we’re bored.

"So what’s happened is now that I’m at home more I’m having to fight my demons. I think if I can do it at home, I can do it anywhere. I’m being good."

Olly has played six times and been a two-time captain during his Soccer Aid career.

But last year, Olly revealed that he and Mark Wright were both slammed by their coach Wayne Rooney after they turned up late for training.

He said: "We turned up, me and Wrighty, and he absolutely killed us!

"He said ‘I can’t believe you’re late, why are you late for training? You’ve got to take this more seriously'.

"I was like ‘woah, woah, woah, Wayne I’ve been doing some promos for the show’ - ‘Well, I don’t care, get out on the football pitch. Come on we’ve got to win it this year.'"