Ola Jordan’s parents still haven’t met her 12-month-old daughter Ella.

Ola Jordan

Ola Jordan

The 38-year-old professional dancer and her husband James Jordan welcomed their first child together exactly a year ago, and she has now said the COVID-19 pandemic means her parents, who live in Poland, have been unable to meet their granddaughter in person.

Speaking on ‘Loose Women’ about welcoming a baby during lockdown, she said: “It’s been really strange. Having a brand-new baby is strange enough and then you can’t see your mum or your sister to help you with things like breastfeeding. It’s hard. It’s only been me and James, and Google. We just used to go on Google all the time.”

And James added: “It’s been tough, I mean Ola’s mum and dad haven’t even seen the baby yet because they live in Poland, so that’s sad within itself.”

Fellow dancer James, 42, is also currently unable to see his father as he’s battling a terminal brain tumour in hospital and can’t have visitors because of the pandemic.

And the former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ stars have said the situation is “horrendous”, but could be “much worse”.

James said: “Yeah, horrendous. Last year my dad got diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, and he’s currently back in hospital, really really not very well. It’s just really upsetting.

And Ola added: “It’s very difficult because obviously we can’t see him, James’ mum can’t go and see him either so … I mean, when people say how tough it is to be at home, it’s the worst thing.”

Whilst James continued: “I think it’s just perspective, you know? We all need to do what we’ve got to do. My dad is such a positive person, and so strong in his mind, and his opinion is ‘Yeah we have to stay at home and it’s an annoyance, it’s frustrating, but we have to do it to protect everyone else’. That is why we’re staying at home – to protect our children, our families, our friends. It could be a lot worse, you could have someone who’s dying of cancer or there’s people out there burying their children. You’ve got to put it in perspective and know there’s people going through much worse.”

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