Noel Fielding has listed a collection of his original artwork for sale.

Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding

The 46-year-old comedian has put 15 of his colourful and animated pieces up for sale exclusively with The Other Art Fair Online Studios to help "bring joy and vigour back into our lives" during the coronavirus pandemic.

The online gallery said: "If there's anyone who can bring joy and vigour back into our lives at this time, it's surely Noel Fielding."

'The Great British Bake Off' co-host admitted he loves to paint in the nude.

He said: "Sometimes when I paint I take all my clothes off and if it's really going well I take all my skin off."

Noel studied fine art under Turner nominee Dexter Dalwood, and has since exhibited his art in the Royal Albert Hall, the Saatchi Gallery and The Tate Liverpool.

His work often features a range of characters, including animals, the Queen, a footballer and other faces, which are based on his "subconscious".

In an interview with Saatchi Art, he explained: "The characters I paint are often fantastical, usually half human half animal, strange magical beasts who roam my subconscious. It's the same in my comedy - I'd rather play Old Gregg, a transsexual merman, than someone who exists in real life.

"Acid Mouse is one of the characters I've painted a lot in the past year. He is a strange seven foot upright mouse with no arms, and breasts - he speaks through his t*ts and has shoes made from melted bubblegum and broken pieces of the American dream."