Nicola Roberts has won 'The Masked Singer'.

Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts

The Girls Aloud singer was unveiled to be Queen Bee on the ITV show and she expressed her shock at being crowned champion, unable to even speak.

She said: "I loved it. I mean, guys, it's piping hot in there. Especially when you're singing big songs, your face does the wildest things to get the notes out so I was thankful for the mask. You just have to stand here and take [the crazy suggestions]. It's so hard when you're saying things and I want to be like, 'Yeah that's it!' or when you're saying crazy suggestions and I'm like, 'No!' Last time I sang like this, it must have been 'Popstar: The Rivals.'"

Praising Nicola, Davina McCall shared: "Your singing, oh my gosh, has been jaw dropping. From the very start, that mask gave you confidence."

Prior to Nicola's big reveal, it was down to Jason Manford - who was masqueraded as Hedgehog - to be unmasked first, much to the glee of the show's celebrity panel.

Speaking to host Joel Dommett, he said: "I've just loved this show, it's been fabulous. From the moment you leave your house, you're in a hoodie that says 'Don't speak to me', you have to wear a visor. Four people know who you are backstage, it's like MI5. It's amazing. Do you know what? I've actually managed to keep it as a secret from my children. They have just found out at the same time as you that daddy's doing this show. For years and years and years, you've walked into rooms and people are waiting for the comedian to be terrible so to walk out here to a crowd who are absolutely loving it, you come home with that confidence because the show gives you that confidence."

Earlier in the night, Katherine Jenkins was revealed to be the Octopus.