Nicola Adams' same-sex partnership on 'Strictly Come Dancing' is a "brilliant step in the right direction".

Nicola Adams

Nicola Adams

The Olympic boxer is set to partake in the new series of the BBC One latin and ballroom competition, but was adamant she would dance with a woman - thought to be Katya Jones.

Asked why she wanted to be paired with a female dancer, she said: "It means a lot to me. I think it's a brilliant step in the right direction especially on the diversity side of things. And women actually dance with women all the time in the professional circuit so I guess it’s just showing people that it can be done."

And the 37-year-old sportswoman knows taking to the dancefloor will be "out of her comfort zone".

She admitted: "Yeah, it's gonna be very different. I’ll be out of my comfort zone but I’m looking forward to it. I don’t really wear too much glitter so it’s gonna be different but exciting for me."

However, she is looking forward to the challenge and is in it to win it.

She said: "My biggest challenge is probably going to be just learning the routines, I've got the physical side, I’m pretty fit, I’m pretty in shape. So the fitness side of things won't be a problem. It's just learning the actual routine where I think it will be quite tricky ... I like to win so it has to be yes, I’m in it to win it. My competitive nature is coming back out again as soon as you put a title, any title on the line for anything I want to win ... I've already won two Olympic gold medals, I want to lift that trophy now."

Nicola has been really pleased by the reaction to her appearing on the show

She explained: "It's been an amazing reaction actually. I’ve had lots of positive messages, everybody saying they can’t wait to see me, so I’m excited. From the start I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me so far. I hope I don't disappoint with my dance moves and I’ll be giving it 110%. "