Nicola Adams is "too tired" for sex after her 'Strictly Come Dancing' rehearsals.

Ella Baig and Nicola Adams

Ella Baig and Nicola Adams

The 37-year-old boxer has been training for 12 hours a day with her pro partner Katya Jones, and her beauty blogger girlfriend Ella Baig admitted the long days mean the retired Olympian doesn't have much energy in the evening.

She told The Sun newspaper: "We’re too tired! We’re just watching a lot of Netflix and taking advantage of Deliveroo.

"Where we live in Leeds we can’t get it. So to be able to have it here and order it whenever we like is great.

"Nicola is putting in such gruelling hours. She’s exhausted by the time she comes home."

However, the loved up-couple - who met on a night out in Leeds in 2018 - are grateful to get to have "some quality time together" at the end of a long day.

Ella added: "With my job I can work from home, which is great. It means when she comes back we can spend some quality time together.

"I am so proud of her and the show hasn’t even properly started."

Although Nicola is more at home in a baggy tracksuit and a pair of trainers, her partner loves to show off her body in racy outfits, including a see-through 'naked' dress she wore at Proud Embankment earlier this month.

She said: "Nicola loves my sexy dresses, even the see-through ones.

“She’s completely supportive of everything I do and if I’m feeling happy and confident in something, she’s all for it.

“I love pushing boundaries, so when we went to Proud I knew it was the perfect time to do just that. My stylist said she had found the perfect dress and I loved it as soon as I saw it - and so did Nicola.”