Netflix have this week released a slick and instantly-recognisable new poster for their upcoming collaborative original series with Marvel, The Punisher. Check it out below:

Coming to Netflix later this year

Coming to Netflix later this year

Starring Jon Bernthal in the titular role following his hugely successful and popular debut as Frank Castle in Daredevil season 2, the character’s gone on to claim his own series on the streaming service, delving deeper into the psyche of The Punisher than any live-action production has done before.

Having taken his revenge against those who stole the lives of his wife and child, Frank uncovers a new conspiracy running much deeper than New York’s criminal underworld. Setting out to discover the truth about injustices that affect thousands, The Punisher continues his tirade against those that would do harm to innocents.

Never quite becoming a hero, we expect plenty of action and tough decisions for Frank in the new series, with the viewers unsure about whether or not they should be rooting for somebody who’s so quick to take the lives of those he deems unworthy of this world.

No premiere date has yet been given for The Punisher, but we know it’ll be coming to Netflix before the end of the year.

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