Nadiya Hussain has claimed she battles inequality in broadcasting.

Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya Hussain

The 35-year-old TV chef - who shot to fame as the 'Great British Bake Off' 2015 winner - says she is often told there is "no space" for her by "Caucasian, middle-aged men".

Speaking to Fearne Cotton on her podcast 'Happy Place', Nadiya said: "I work in an industry where Caucasian, middle-aged men dominate.

"When I turn up, they're like, 'There's no space here for you'. As if I'm not aware of that."

However, the children's author is determined to fight for her place in the industry and in her community after watching her children - sons Musa and Dawud, and daughter, Maryam, who she shares with husband Abdal Hussain - feel that they "don't belong".

She explained: "My kids are British/Bangladeshi children and they will face hurdles. There are days even in their lives at such a tender age when they felt like they don't belong, they don't know whether they fit in somewhere."

Nadiya believes it is an issue everyone should be helping to solve.

She added: "I don't feel equal.

"We're still fighting for equal pay. We have a long way to come. I think we all need to be fighting it together."

Nadiya recently admitted she fears death "everyday" due to her crippling anxiety after the horrific bullying she experienced in primary school.

She said: "I hear the beating of my heart in my chest and it goes to my head and I have a panic attack.

"It feels like you're going to die. Imagine what kind of a life you live if you worry about dying every day. "

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