Motsi Mabuse's parents were against her getting her DD breasts reduced.

Motsi Mabuse

Motsi Mabuse

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge - who is replacing Dame Darcey Bussell on the BBC Latin and ballroom show - has hit out at people judging her intelligence because of the size of her chest, and described her bosom as a "burden".

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column, she said: "My mum and my dad were against that [reduction]. People only go by looks. If you have big breasts it doesn't mean that you are dumb.

"People usually first ask me about 'Let's Dance' and then they ask me about my decolleté. I can't just go out in a T-Shirt and say, 'Hey, today I'm not wearing a bra'. Exercising is also a burden."

The 38-year-old star - who is the sister of 'Strictly' pro Oti - was a dancer and judge on German show 'Let's Dance', but the Beeb still shocked fans when most thought that Anton Du Beke was finally stepping up to judge.

Although she thinks her chest is a burden, the new judge believes a lot of the embarrassment comes from European countries.

She added: "In South Africa there are many women with a large chest. There you are not embarrassed when you visit a lingerie store to get a bra fitted."

Meanwhile, Motsi's sister Oti "cried" at her first dress fitting for 'Strictly' due to her own large chest.

She previously admitted: "My body lessons start with these boobs. I am a 28GG. All my family has always had big boobs. I was hitting puberty way before other girls were. As a 12 year-old girl going in and saying 'I'm looking for a B cup', that kind of sounds unrealistic.

"'Strictly' opened a lot of doors to me. I remember fitting my first bra and I was crying. I was like, 'This looks so bad and I look so massive compared to the other girls.'

"Nobody picked on me for it and no one discriminated against me for it and nobody said anything in a negative way and I think that helped me and my self esteem and my nerves about being out in a bra with sequins on."