'Coronation Street's Millie Gibson says her "cat scratch" eyebrow is just a scar.

Millie Gibson (c) Instagram

Millie Gibson (c) Instagram

The 16-year-old actress - who portrays Kelly Neelan in the ITV soap - has put to bed rumours that she has the marking on her eyebrow for her role and insists it is instead because she has a scar on her eyebrow after an accident as a child, where she whacked her head against a bannister.

Speaking about her scar, she said: "It is a scar and my dad always gets very frustrated about comments like that because people go, 'she's put it on herself' and my dad's like, 'no she's not!'

"When I was younger - I was about two or three - there's one of my pictures where I look like a right thug! I was running through this barn and I whacked my head on the corner of the bannister and apparently my head was massive and it's never really healed but I kind of like it! It definitely works for the character!"

Millie has been getting a lot of reaction to the latest storyline she's involved in, the attack on Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) and Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni).

Speaking to reporters about the public's response, she added: "It's been half and half. I think some people forget fiction and reality but some people have been really kind saying, 'I hate your guts that much you must be a good actress!' But yeah, it was expected, so it's been alright."