Michelle Visage has landed her own show on BBC Three.

Michelle Visage

Michelle Visage

The 51-year-old singer - who has previously appeared on programmes such as 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and 'Strictly Come Dancing' - is set to star in an eight-part series about her life in lockdown in Los Angeles called 'How's Your Head, Hun?'.

Looking forward to the new show, Michelle said: "I am so excited to give everyone's anxiety and worry a rest with 'How's Your Head, Hun?'

"When you see how quarantine life is with my family and friends, we will all be laughing together! Get ready!"

Fiona Campbell, the controller of BBC Three, said the series will give fans in insight into Michelle's family life during the current lockdown.

She continued: "Michelle is a big favourite of ours and her humour, heart and sharp putdowns are always welcome on BBC Three.

"We're looking forward to peeking through the window to see her life in lockdown and we hope this series offers some light relief for everyone."

Michelle - who has two daughters, called Lola and Lillie, with her husband David Case - has enlisted her family as both camera operatives and co-hosts.

Michelle will also be attempting so-called lockdown projects each week to keep viewers entertained during the coronavirus crisis.

Meanwhile, Michelle recently confessed she doesn't feel comfortable calling herself bisexual.

The TV star admitted she slept with both men and women during her time on the New York club scene - but she didn't feel the label applied to her.

Asked if she identified as bisexual, she replied: "No, when I grew up that wasn't really a thing.

"If it was, it was gay boys who would come out as bisexual first because it was easier for them. It was just if I saw a pretty girl and I was attracted to her, why not?"