Michael McIntyre has lost weight after an airport incident.

Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre

The 44-year-old comedian was inspired to shed a few pounds after he was mistaken for two people standing together at a security gate whilst flying home from France last year.

Speaking on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' this week, he recalled: "I had an incident last year and I thought I should try and lose weight. In an airport, the E gates. I went in there in France and it wouldn’t let me out. It said on the screen, this was a low point, it said 'Only one person'.

"So I got to the stage that I was the size of two Frenchmen. I had to go round the other way. It was convinced I was two people. I was inspired then to lose weight. Then the pandemic... I would, I just injure myself."

However, Michael has since put on "a little bit of weight" during the coronavirus lockdown but he remains hopeful that he will be back on track in the New Year.

He said: "Now we’re trying to get out of the lockdown for Christmas. Christmas is a time where there’s a lot of panic buying, then everything’s closed and then you’re at home arguing with your family, drinking and you don’t know what day it is – that’s lockdown!

"We’ve already had that for most of the year. We’re trying to unlock to relock. Boris should say, ‘It is Christmas every day!' A lot of deliveries, a lot of weight gain… New Year it’s all about Joe Wicks getting fit again – we’ve done all of this!"

Meanwhile, Michael previously revealed his odd secret to dropping 14 lbs in 2017 when he used an Epsom salt cleanse at the Mayr clinic in Austria, where he was "starved" on a diet of soup and crackers.

He explained: "You drink the Epsom salts first thing and then within 20 minutes, the whole of the clinic - which is full of wealthy fat people - are all rushing to the lavatory."

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