Melanie Sykes finds most men "basic and disappointing".

Melanie Sykes

Melanie Sykes

The 50-year-old television presenter - who has sons Roman, 18, and Valentino, 16, with her ex-husband Daniel Caltagirone - is currently single, but doesn't seem interested in finding a partner, as she's been left disappointed by the men she's met recently.

Melanie also blasted television character Keith Lemon - who is the alter ego of comedian Leigh Francis - for his "limited vocabulary", and said she meets too many who copy his behaviour.

Speaking to Frank magazine, she said: "Sadly, in all realms of life, most men are pretty basic and disappointing.

"I feel a bit sorry for British men who have adopted the limited vocabulary of the television character Keith Lemon when talking about and to women.

"I would be surprised, and indeed it would be a miracle, if any of these men are actually getting laid."

The 'Great Pottery Throw Down' host is no stranger to slamming the men who give her unwanted attention, as she said in 2017 she "constantly" has to "educate me about how to behave around women".

She fumed at the time: "I call it out. All the time. I have to because people are just so f****** weird, especially blokes. It's only men isn't it? Women don't do it!

"Because I'm famous, they think they know me and how I'll be, and usually they've got it completely wrong. I feel like I'm constantly having to educate men about how to behave around women. I actually relish it, because if I don't tell them, they'll go on and do it to some other poor woman. So next time he even thinks about saying that to another woman he might decide not to after getting an ear-bashing from me.

"I don't go around being an absolute b**** to men, but you can be firm, and I exercise that right all the time. I don't want to feel uncomfortable because of someone else - why should I?"