Max George says Laura Crane got him hooked on 'Love Island'.

Max George

Max George

The Wanted singer recruited Laura to star in his debut solo single 'Barcelona' before she ever appeared on the ITV2 show and revealed he only started watching it when he heard she was in it.

Speaking on 'Lorraine', he told host Christine Bleakley: "It was only about two weeks ago I got a text saying Laura's going on Love Island tonight. I started tuning in after that - now I get why everyone loves it! She was lovely."

The plot of the 'Barcelona' video shows Max, 29, and Laura acting like a loved-up couple.

He said: "When we were coming up with the concept of the video, I wanted a girl in it that had something about her, she could do something really cool. Surfing, I saw a video of her and was like, 'Laura's perfect'.

"She's the star of the video, I didn't have to do anything. She just literally took over and did it for me. She was great."

Laura, 23, and Jack Fowler, 22, were booted out of the 'Love Island' villa just one week before the final and while Laura was happy to leave, Jack was not.

He said: "Leaving the villa is very upsetting because I've got a lot of friends in there and I had a great time in there. Ultimately I've gone in there for a connection with someone and I've left with a connection with someone which is what I wanted. It's bitter sweet."

Laura added: "I feel really happy about leaving the villa. I was in there for ten days which compared to some isn't a long time but for me it was the perfect amount of time. I went in there and I came out with exactly what I was looking for. I met some amazing friends and I met Jack, so I'm happy. Leaving together, you couldn't hope for more really. You go in there looking for love so I feel like I've been lucky and come out with what everyone hopes to leave with."

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